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Intelligent Systems Division


Registration will be limited to 125 participants.

The registration fees for the conference are as follows:

Before June 24 After June 24 Single Day*
Regular $350 US $400 US $100 US
Student $150 US $200 US $50 US
Accompanying Person $125 US $175 US

* Note that the single day registration does not include the banquet dinner, which is $125 before June 24, and $175 after June 24.

ISBA members receive a $25 discount. Please indicate this in your email below.
MaxEnt registrants who are currently not ISBA members, will receive a one-year ISBA membership.

Payment Options

Please accompany your payment with an email
providing the following:
Total Payment Amount (Regular/Student/Accompanying)
Name (as it will appear on the badge):
Affiliation (to appear on badge):
Special Meal Requirements (Vegetarian/Vegan/etc):
University Parking ($13 fee due at arrival in August):
If Single Day Registration, specify which day:
How many persons will attend the banquet:


Please make sure that you have entered the proper amount

Bank Transfer in US Dollars
Boise State University
US Bank
P.O. Box 1800
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101-0800
Routing Number: 123103729
Account Number: 1 533 9045 5480
Reference Number: "MaxEnt 2005"

Additional Financing Options
Your college or university may offer affordable funding to students who submit papers. If not, online lenders can provide student registrants with short term financing for the banquet dinner, university parking, and conference registration.

Refund Policy

The registration fee is not refundable.